NEW: Luxe Jewelry Collection

NEW: Luxe Jewelry Collection

It’s finally here! After months of brainstorming, design concepts and sampling, our new luxe collection has hit the shop and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! 


Behind the Scenes: celufilmfest Luxe Collection


The statement jewelry in this collection is all about versatility. Tania and Clarissa, our designers, know how much us girls like to have the options, which is why we've designed the pieces to be luxurious and glamorous enough for a bride's wedding jewelry, yet cool and easy enough to wear causally everyday... just with jeans and a tee!

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celufilmfest Luxe Collection: Versatile High Quality Fashion Jewelry

Tania and Jen Chiu in the Penelope Earrings and Elise Bracelet

 The original Luxe Collection which was released 2 years ago, has a special place in our hearts because it was the very first collection Tania designed on her own - with no jewelry or design background! Since then, these jewels have become iconic for us and what celufilmfest is known for. So you can see why we're really excited to add new pieces to the collection!


celufilmfest Luxe Collection: Lucy and Sophia NecklaceThe new Sophia Collar and the original Lucy Collar


Can't choose just one!? We know, us too. Here are some of our personal favorites we've been wearing every day!

Tania’s Pick: Alessandra Drop Earrings. These earrings combine luxe with a relaxed, casual bohemian vibe. Perfect with your hair pulled back or for your bridal shower.

Clarissa’s Pick: Penelope Drop Earrings. These long cascading earrings are glam and easy to wear. They have a sleek and clean look to them, but also a romantic vintage feel! 

Marisa’s Pick: Sophia Crystal Collar. This statement necklace is a refresh on our best-selling Lucy necklace! Love it with a LBD or a casual blouse. 


Be sure to check out the complete Luxe Collection and tell us which pieces are your absolute favorites! We hope you “olive it” as much as we do!


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Behind the Scenes: celufilmfest Luxe Collection

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Christine Pienaar
Kat Willson

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