9 Earrings You Need this Summer

9 Earrings You Need this Summer

We couldn't be more excited that summer has finally arrived in Vancouver. (Yes, it's mid-July and you're all probably thinking... just now?) Aside from the fun summer activities we get to finally to do - think BBQs, beach days, wineries - one of our favorite things about the warm weather season is the colorful and bold statement earrings you see everywhere! From silky and luxurious tassel earrings to fringe drops, they're our essential go-to's for all our summer looks.

Here are 9 must-have statement earrings you need this summer. 


1. Aruba Shimmer Drops

celufilmfest Aruba Shimmer Statement Earrings

2. In the Tropics Drops

celufilmfest In the Tropics Statement Earrings

3. Copacabana Drops

celufilmfest Copacabana Tassel Earrings

4. Tropez Fringe Drops

celufilmfest Tropez Fringe Earrings

5. Musa Palm Drops 

celufilmfest Musa Palm Statement Earrings

6. Mini Tassel Earrings

celufilmfest Mini Tassel Earrings

7. Savannah Tassel Earrings

celufilmfest Savannah Tassel Earrings

 8. Belize Fringe Dropscelufilmfest Belize Statement Earrings

9. Chiara Statement Drops

celufilmfest Chiara Statement Earrings

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  • Harmony

    Wonderful selection of earrings – can any of these also be made as clip on earrings?

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